Who We Are

Upsilon Pi Epsilon is the International Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines. Founded in 2013, the chapter here at WashU's primary purpose is to honor academic excellence in the computing and information disciplines, as well as foster opportunities for WashU students and the wider community.

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If you are interested in joining, check out the requirements.

Executive Council

The executive council is made up of 6 members: a faculty advisor, the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Webmaster.


A senior, Allen Osgood is the President of UPE for 2016. He calls and presides at all meetings, appoints committees, and authorizes payment of bills presented against the chapter.

Faculty Advisor

A professor, Dr. Buhler is the Faculty Advisor of UPE. He consults on matters of chapter policy and acts as auditor of chapter finances. He also is the presiding member of the Membership Committee.

Vice President

Tony Ginart is the VP of UPE for 2016. He is able to perform the duties of President in the absence of the President. He will also become President in case of the resignation, impeachment, or disability of the President. In addition, he is responsible for the coordination of committees and the proper conduct of meetings.


Luke Lones is secretary for 2016. He keeps records of all transactions and handles all correspondence for the chapter. He will notifiy all active members of the date and purpose of special meetings, at least one week prior to the meeting. He has the responsibility to oversee the External Relations Officer in their responsibilities.


Seth Ebner is the treasurer for 2016. He collects all dues and assessments and issues, with the assistance of the Secretary, notices of special monetary assignments. He is in charge of charge of all funds of the chapter, and pays therefrom bills presented against the chapter and approved for payment.


Morgan Redding is the Webmaster of UPE for 2016. He maintains and manages the website and technology requirements of the chapter. Furthermore, he assists with the President as needed for carying out tasks relevant to the chapter's mission.

See Past Executive Councils


Undergraduate Requirements:
  • Declared major in the computing and information disciplines (e.g., Computer Science or Computer Engineering)
  • At least 45 units of coursework completed, including 15 in the computing and information disciplines. Transfer credit from another university is acceptable.
  • Rank in top 35% of class
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA (only applies if the top 35% falls below 3.0)
Graduate Requirements:
  • Candidate for a graduate degree in the computing and information disciplines (e.g., Computer Science or Computer Engineering)
  • At least one semesteter of residency
  • Rank in top 35% of class
  • Minimum 3.5 GPA (only applies if the top 35% falls below 3.5)

If you satisfy the above requirements, send an email to upe@cse.wustl.edu telling us why you want to join. Our Membership Committee will review your application. For a more complete description of the election process, including information for B.S./M.S. students, please reference our Constitution.

*Only faculty members have access to student grades and records. The Membership Committee will be informed by a faculty member which students are eligible without divulging individual records.

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