Constitution of the
Missouri Eta Chapter
of the

An Honor Society in Computer Science

Article I: Name and Objective

  1. The name of this organization shall be the Missouri Chapter of Washington University in St. Louis of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon Association, an honor society in computing and information disciplines.
  2. The object of this chapter of the Association shall be the promotion of high scholarship and original investigation in the various fields of the computing and information disciplines.
  3. The Missouri Eta Chapter of the Association shall be located at Washington University in St. Louis.

Article II: Government

  1. The Missouri Eta Chapter shall be governed by this Constitution, together with amendments to the same, and by the By-Laws enacted to provide for those governmental functions of a more routine nature.
  2. The By-Laws of this Chapter shall be adopted and changes thereto enacted by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the active members of the chapter.
  3. The provisions of this constitution shall be subordinate to those of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon Association.

Article III: Membership

  1. This Chapter shall consist of members and honorary members.
  2. The membership of this chapter shall be made up of individuals whose academic achievements, reputation, and creative abilities deserve recognition, and whose membership would enhance the stature of the Association. Specifically, the membership shall include graduate and undergraduate students, former students, and faculty in the Computing and information disciplines at Washington University in St. Louis elected according to the procedures detailed in Article IV of this Constitution.
  3. Honorary members shall be individuals of distinguished achievement in the field of computing.
  4. Eligibility for membership shall not be restricted according to race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability, veteran's status, sexual orientation, or gender.
  5. The active membership of this chapter of the Association shall consist of those Members who satisfy the fiscal and attendance requirements set forth in the By-Laws. The privilege of voting in membership elections and participation in other official functions of the Chapter shall be restricted to currently active members.

Article IV: Election of Members

  1. The eligibility of students, former students, and faculty for election for membership in this chapter of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon Association shall be determined as follows:
    1. A graduate student must be a candidate for a graduate degree in the computing and information disciplines, and must have completed at least eighteen semester hours for graduate credit. Further, he or she must have a grade point average of at least 3.6, exclusive of research and seminar courses.
    2. An undergraduate student must be a candidate for an undergraduate degree in the computing and information disciplines, and must have completed at least 60 semester hours for undergraduate credit and junior or senior standing, including 18 semester hours in the basic courses in the computing and information disciplines. Further, he or she must have a grade point average of at least 3.5, with a grade point average of at least 3.6 in all computer science coursework, and must rank in the top thirty-five percent of computing students satisfying the credit requirement.
    3. A faculty member must have been teaching in the computing and information disciplines or in a field closely related to the computing division at Washington University in St. Louis for at least One year in order to be eligible for membership. He or she must have been in responsible charge of development, preparation, or presentation of courses, or in charge of research in the computing field. Achievements in research and teaching shall determine eligibility for a faculty member.
    4. Former students, who at the time of their completion of degree requirements in the computing science program satisfied the grade point average and class rank requirements of subsections a or b of this article, shall be eligible for election to membership in this chapter of the Association.
    5. Students, former students, and faculty members who do not qualify under the provisions of the previous subsections, but whose achievements in and contributions to the computer science field qualify them, in view of the Membership Committee, shall be eligible for election to membership in this chapter of the Association.
    6. Students enrolled in the B.S./M.S. program will be held to the standard corresponding to their current class standing (pre-B.S. graduation or post-M.S.)
  2. The Membership Committee shall review all candidates for election to membership, qualified according to the previous section. Those reported favorably by the Committee shall be proposed for elections.
  3. Each candidate must be discussed individually by name, and the balloting for his or her election shall be carried out before the next candidate is considered. In case a candidate fails a first ballot, he or she may be discussed further, and a second and final vote shall be taken.
  4. Election of a candidate to membership shall be by three-fourths affirmative vote by the members of the Membership Committee who are present and voting.
  5. The maximum number of members shall not be limited.
  6. The election of new members shall be held within six weeks after the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.
  7. The Secretary of the chapter shall head a committee on eligibility and membership.
  8. Membership should not be offered to a particular individual a second time if that individual for any reason with the exception of financial hardship cases has previously declined such membership.

Article V: Officers

  1. The Executive Council of the chapter shall consist of the Faculty Advisor and the following elected officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Webmaster, and External Relations.
  2. The duties of the President shall be to call and preside at all meetings, to appoint committees, and to authorize payment of bills presented against the chapter.
  3. The duties of the Vice-President shall be to perform the duties of President in the absence of the President. He or she shall also become President in case of the resignation, impeachment, or disability of the President. In addition, he or she shall be responsible for the coordination of committees and the proper conduct of meetings.
  4. The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep records of all transactions of the chapter. In addition, he or she will be responsible for the handling of correspondence for the chapter. The Secretary also notifies all active members of the date and purpose of special meetings, at least one week prior to the meeting. The Secretary has the additional responsibility to oversee the External Relations Officer in their responsibilities.
  5. The duties of the Treasurer shall be to collect all dues and assessments and to issue, with the assistance of the Secretary, notices of special monetary assignments. He or she be in charge of charge of all funds of the chapter, and shall pay therefrom bills presented against the chapter and approved for payment.
  6. The duties of the Historian are to keep a systematic account in chronological order of events of the chapter and to keep the minutes of the meetings. The Historian must additionally be familiar with the history of both the Missouri Eta Chapter as well as national history of Upsilon Pi Epsilon. The minutes containing financial statements shall be kept secret from all but the Executive Council.
  7. The duties of the Webmaster shall be to maintain and manage the website of the chapter.
  8. The duties of the External Relations officer shall be to correspond with organizations outside of the affiliated campus to foster professional relationships and pursue fundraising efforts. The External Relations officer shall also be responsible for maintaining and distributing the Chapter's resume book. The External Relations officer will work with the Secretary.
  9. The Faculty Advisor shall be a member of the computer science teaching staff. The duties of the Faculty Advisor shall be to consult on matters of chapter policy and to act as auditor of chapter finances. He or she shall also be the presiding member of the Membership Committee.
  10. Election of officers shall be held during the last business meeting of each Fall/Spring semester. Newly elected officers will assume their roles and begin to serve one week following their election. They will additionally receive one week of training from the previous officers between assuming responsibilities.
  11. Vacancies in any office other than the President shall be filled by appointment by the President with the approval of the Executive Council.
  12. The Membership Committee shall consist of the Executive Council, the faculty advisor, and at least two additional faculty members appointed by the Executive Council. The termination of service of members of the Membership Committee shall be by resignation or impeachment, submitted to and accepted by the Executive Council of the chapter. The Membership Committee shall be responsible for the screening of students who meet the scholastic eligibility requirements of the Association and shall recommend for election those they deem otherwise qualified.
  13. Any member of the Executive Council may be impeached from his or her position if any member of the honorary files an impeachment motion. A petition including the signatures of 50% of the active members must support the impeachment motion and be submitted directly to the President (unless the impeachment is filed against the President, in which case it should be submitted to the Secretary). Once this petition is filed, a special meeting must be called by the Secretary to discuss the grounds for impeachment. During the meeting, should 75% of the active members vote to affirm the impeachment, the officer shall be impeached of his or her position. The impeached officer still retains membership in the honorary.

Article VI: Ratification and Amendment

  1. This Constitution shall become effective immediately upon ratification by a three-fourths affirmative vote of the invited charter initiates and the Membership Committee of the whole.
  2. This constitution shall remain in effect until revised or amended.
  3. Any member of the chapter at a regular or special meeting may propose amendments to this Constitution. The proposed amendment shall be discussed and a vote for further discussion shall be taken; a simply majority of the active members present shall determine shall determine that consideration. On approval, the proposed amendment shall be formally framed by the Executive Council.
  4. Amendments framed according to the previous section shall be circulated to the entire active membership of the chapter, together with appropriate commentaries and a written ballot. The ballots will be returned to the Secretary within two days of distribution. The Secretary and Vice-President shall tally the votes and make the results of the balloting public at the following regular meeting of the chapter.
  5. A three-fourths favorable vote of the returned ballots shall be required for ratification of each amendment.
  6. The Amendment shall become effective immediately upon announcement of the results of the ratification election.