Coding Interviews

Technical interviews are typically the largest hurdle standing between you and the technical role you want. The coding challenges vary from company to company, and students often have little experience solving problems on the fly in front of an interviewer. UPE can match you with upperclassmen who have successfully navigated technical interviews before, and stage mock 1:1 interviews. Schedule an interview below

Curated Resources

Starting to prepare for technical interviews can be a daunting task. Have no fear - we're here for you! We will tell you the best books to read, websites to study, and problems to do from our experience applying, interviewing, and working for the companies you want. Use our resources to help prepare for the big day.

Professional Mentorship

We like to think that we have learned a few "tricks of the trade" from our collective experience going through the process. We can help you pick companies of interest, tell you when to apply, and potentially even connect you with someone who works there. Connect with an upperclassman mentor to help you navigate the application, preparation, and interview process.

We want you to succeed!

Schedule an Interview

Our interviewers are currently working out their interview schedules. Please check back soon for scheduling opportunities!